Our People

When people feel trusted, respected and engaged, they give their best

That’s why we value our people above all. We encourage our people to express themselves and examine new possibilities – contributing not only to our success, but enjoying their work and making a real difference. It was our founder’s vision to recruit, retain and nurture the very best talent possible in order to achieve long-term success as a group – and this vision continues today. Our group now comprises a broad mix of races, genders, nationalities and backgrounds. This diversity creates a stimulating, supportive environment that is open to new ideas, where people are always learning and expanding their horizons, being constantly inspired by new outlooks and perspectives. Throughout our group, and the world, we give all of our people the opportunity to develop to their highest potential, helping them to grow and flourish. Our people are talented, creative and innovative, with a tremendous and continuous will to succeed. We give them the empowerment and responsibility to make and stand by their decisions, taking charge of their careers and our shared success. By fostering an open, collaborative working culture, we enable new ways of working, helping us to continuously improve and devise greater solutions that enhance life through air.

Meet Our People