Air Design launches new range of energy recovery ventilation units


Air Design, part of Elta Group, has launched a new range of horizontal energy recovery ventilation units, specifically designed to boost indoor air quality in line with the Ecodesign Directive and Part L of the Building Regulations.

Air Design’s PREMA range boasts the smallest and lightest energy recovery ventilation units on the market, making them ideal for ceiling voids in schools and offices, as well as high footfall commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels, and leisure centres. Available in four sizes, the range covers an airflow of 0.006 – 0.936 m³/s, ensuring maximum flexibility for a variety of building services projects.

Each unit has been specifically designed and manufactured to offer low noise and low Specific Fan Power (SFP), as well as highly-efficient thermal energy recovery, integrated demand control, and finer particulate filters.

Thermal energy exchange is enhanced by the large surface area of the unit’s counterflow heat exchanger, which results in 92% efficient thermal energy recovery. All units are also fitted with a 100% face and bypass damper that operates dependent on temperature parameters to offer free cooling during summer.

System performance is further maximised with fully-integrated demand controlled ventilation, which adapts performance based on occupancy and constant pressure levels to provide effective monitoring and targeting, plus the potential for individual room control.

Every unit is fitted with F7 (ISO ePM1 55%) filters as standard, ensuring the delivery of clean air and a comfortable working environment. The added option of an F9 (ISO ePM1 85%) filter, gives users the option to remove even the smallest of particulates.

Having undergone vigorous quality checks at every stage of their development, the units’ casing is L2 air leakage rated for enhanced air tightness, ensuring minimal infiltration of non-handling air – a combination which ensures the supply of good quality air.

Each PREMA unit features a frameless, self-supporting casing with double skin panels lined with high density acoustic foam. The compact design of each unit, coupled with easily-replaceable, low energy filters, provide savings for both installers and end users by significantly reducing installation time and maintenance requirements.

Ana Cross, Associate Product Manager for Air Handling Products by Air Design, commented: “Our new range of PREMA Units have been designed as the smallest, quietest, and most efficient ceiling void mounted energy recovery units. As market demands for better energy-saving ventilation and enhanced indoor air quality capabilities grow, it is our job to listen to our customers and deliver technologically advanced products that are compliant and fit their needs.”

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