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Elta Group’s flagship filtration brand, Airepure, is Australia’s leading air filtration company.

The business provides a unique and comprehensive range of integrated air filtration and odour control products designed to remove airborne contaminants and create optimum indoor air quality in a range of applications, including HVAC, healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical and environmental.

Airepure also provides air filtration and wet scrubber technologies to prevent airborne chemical release within industrial and waste water plants and facilities, and it supplies ultra clean air filtration products, HEPA filters and airborne containment technologies for scientific, medical and industrial applications.

Types of Filtration

  • Pre Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • HEPA Filters
  • Gaseous Filters
  • Odour Filters
  • Laminar Flow Filters
  • Containment Filters
  • Ultra Clean Filters
  • Operating Theatres
  • Grease Filters
  • Bulk Filters
  • Media & Pads
  • Filter Frame Systems

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