Elta Group Products


Through the brands and businesses within our group, we offer a wide range of market-leading products and pioneering technologies designed to perfectly meet the needs of customers and answer diverse challenges across all aspects of air movement, filtration, treatment and distribution. Here we present a selection of the solutions our businesses deliver.

Air Movement, Filtration, Treatment & Distribution Products

Our Purpose


Technical innovation and engineering are the cornerstones of how our group enhances life through air.

They result in products that exude integrity, made possible through continuous investment into research, development and innovation. One of our core values is to ‘think beyond’, and this is nowhere better exemplified than in our commitment to finding the most up-to-date, cutting-edge systems, software, technologies and techniques…


Standards are important to us.

Our international businesses and brands are recognised and respected names in their markets – which is all down to our longstanding commitment and drive for manufacturing excellence. Exemplifying this is our attainment of exacting standards and certifications, from local accreditations to BS EN ISO 9001, ensuring consistent quality in everything we do…



No two markets are the same – and the routes to these markets are similarly diverse.

To enable our businesses to reliably fulfil their customers’ requirements across international territories, we devise efficient and effective warehousing, distribution and supply strategies…


Our Markets