Air Design Brings Fresh Air & Warmth To Selsey Seaside Complex


Air Design has supplied two large heat recovery units (HRU) to Bunn Leisure’s holiday park in Selsey, West Sussex. The manufacturer based in Nertherton in the West Midlands supplied the HRUs to the holiday park for installation within the main entertainment area at the Waterfront Complex on the West Sands park.

Air Design is part of the £90million Elta Group, which provides ventilation equipment around the world. The company strives to understand all customers’ individual requirements by combining ventilation know how with a real focus on adaptation and flexibility. The bespoke and the standard air handling solutions that the company manufactures both utilise component parts of the latest technology. Units are constructed from a modular anodised aluminium framework for strength with mineral wool infill, whilst double skinned panels enhance the rigidity of the structure to protect the components inside.

They can be mounted inside or out and come with a choice of options that includes plate-to-plate recuperators, cooling coils, mixing box sections, humidifiers, dampers, filters, control panels, silencers and others. The units installed in the Waterfront Complex in Selsey provide fresh air to the stage, dance floor, bar and seating areas, whilst saving energy by warming the fresh incoming air. They do this by transferring heat from the outgoing, stale air. This has been warmed by the heating systems inside the building and is used to warm the incoming air by means of a heat exchanger.

The incoming and outgoing air supplies are kept apart when passing through the heat exchanger so there is no danger of cross contamination of any sort. Both units were installed by mechanical services specialists DSR Mechanical Services from Havant in Hampshire who also designed the system. Located along the south coast, the Bunn Leisure complex comprises four separate award winning parks in close proximity, providing low cost family holidays on the beach on the Manhood Peninsula.

The company’s coastal protection scheme at the West Sands site is the first privately funded coastal protection project of its kind and size ever undertaken in the UK. The result of the £16.8 million project is that its 0.75 mile long stretch of beach on the peninsular is now a bigger, better beach for guests to enjoy.