Duct Products Respond to Fire Safety Demand in Northern Ireland


A new trade agreement between Duct Products, a ventilation products distributor, and Swegon, specialists in indoor climate and life safety systems, will ensure Northern Ireland has access to the most effective fire safety solutions.

The agreement comes on the back of high levels of engagement with Duct Products’ Continuing Professional Development presentations. Given the renewed focus on fire safety in recent years, there is increased interest in the HVAC sector to get to grips with the subject, highlighting the need for a diverse portfolio of fire safety products.

Aimed at new builds and with a core audience of schools, hospitals and colleges, it is crucial that life safety products are subject to stringent specification scrutiny.  Providing access to the most effective safety mechanisms is a significant element of the trade agreement between Duct Products and Swegon.

Des Collins, Managing Director at Duct Products, comments: “The agreement guarantees that contractors in Northern Ireland will continue to be able to purchase the latest Swegon offerings. It ensures ongoing access to premium products such as Fire Shield Fire Dampers, Smoke Shield and CSS smoke/fire dampers, AirShield Volume Control Dampers, and so on.

“The demand for these products is huge, given that every new build requires some kind of fire and smoke control. They are life-saving devices, and we are currently supplying these products to projects across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.”

Swegon incorporates a number of prestigious HVAC brands, including Actionair, a manufacturer of fire, smoke and air control products, and Safeguard, specialists in intelligent damper control & monitoring systems. Following the agreement, these products will now be distributed exclusively through Duct Products, which itself is a subsidiary of Elta Group.

Kevin Bristow, International Sales Director UK&I at Swegon, comments: “It is essential that world class life safety products are backed up with quality, local technical support. This is something that Duct Products can offer, and we are delighted to be able to offer the Swegon smoke/fire system-led approach in Northern Ireland.”

Des concludes: “At Duct Products, we regularly reach out to mechanical and electrical consultants, keeping our finger on the pulse and ensuring we remain up-to-date on the latest fire safety considerations. This, combined with Swegon’s wealth of expertise, presents an exciting collaboration that ensures our customers in Northern Ireland have access to the best products on the market.”

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