Our Purpose

Across all of our people, in all of our businesses, on all continents on which we operate, Elta Group has one purpose: to enhance life through air.

For almost 25 years we have been a proudly independent, family-owned group, but our foundations were laid over 50 years ago. Our foundations were built on an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear vision of meeting market needs and improving air quality. These have seen us become a leader in high-integrity solutions that move, filter, treat and distribute air, from agriculture to building services to applied technology. We’re never standing still, always living and breathing our cause, and looking to the horizon – all to enhance life through air.

What we do


Technical innovation and engineering are the cornerstones of how our group enhances life through air.

They result in products that exude integrity, made possible through continuous investment into research, development and innovation. One of our core values is to ‘think beyond’, and this is nowhere better exemplified than in our commitment to finding the most up-to-date, cutting-edge systems, software, technologies and techniques. Our research and development teams, across our international businesses, carefully explore and assess the potential impact of new improvements – whether it’s as simple as the suppliers we use, the materials with which we manufacture, or more efficient manufacturing equipment. It all combines to create a relentless drive for perfection, equipping our engineers with the latest research and product development insight to keep us ahead in all markets in which we operate.

We have a strong history of leading the world in terms of technology and innovation. It runs through every facet of our businesses, and our products directly benefit – but the real beneficiaries are the customers of our businesses, as our dedication to development enhances the lives of their people, animals, buildings, equipment and more.


Standards are important to us.

Our international businesses and brands are recognised and respected names in their markets – which is all down to our longstanding commitment and drive for manufacturing excellence. Exemplifying this is our attainment of exacting standards and certifications, from local accreditations to BS EN ISO 9001, ensuring consistent quality in everything we do.

Our people are key to this consistent quality, whether it’s our own highly skilled teams putting unparalleled care and attention into everything they make, or the long-term alliances we hold with our suppliers – both are focused on flexibility in meeting customers’ needs. We adhere to lean principles, as well as the ‘5s’ disciplines, while continually developing state-of-the-art technologies and investing in our facilities. At all times, we maintain open channels of clear communication across manufacturing and fulfilment. With manufacturing facilities on every continent on which we operate, this robust approach is universally available.

The values by which our businesses abide extend themselves to our manufacturing approach. Every single item we create is the product of a continuous drive for improvement and investment in our people and facilities, and a commitment to quality and value. Wherever we manufacture, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


No two markets are the same – and the routes to these markets are similarly diverse.

To enable our businesses to reliably fulfil their customers’ requirements across international territories, we devise efficient and effective warehousing, distribution and supply strategies.

The importance we place on logistics is such that we believe there is no value in our products or services until they are in the hands of the customer. From delivery frequency to flexibility, from stock levels to ordering convenience and cycle time, the considerations are extensive. All are vital in getting solutions to the customer, which is why we operate a comprehensive set of strategies, including vertical integration, leveraging our own distribution capabilities and utilising our hand-picked network of distributors.

The geographical range and scope of our group means that distances can be vast and challenging. Our in-depth consideration of logistics, supply and distribution means we are ideally placed to reliably and consistently negotiate them.