Air Handling

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Air Handling
Air Handling

Air Handling

With advanced manufacturing facilities in the UK, Australia and Malaysia, Elta Group’s businesses offer an array of bespoke air handling units designed to meet the detailed specifications of customers all across the globe.

Our knowledge and understanding of this sector is both comprehensive and unparalleled, enabling AHU solutions that embrace the latest technology and incorporate innovative componentry, such as plug fans with variable speed drives, fans with EC motor control drives, high-efficiency thermal wheels, plate-toplate heat recovery and plug-and-play control options.

Whether the requirement is for a simple fan, filter and heater unit, or a large, customised central plant with integrated filtration, heating, cooling, energy recovery and control, the flexibility of design and manufacture within our businesses enables Elta Group to exceed all expectations, whatever the application.


Types of Air Handling

  • Bespoke Air Handling Units with centrifugal plug fans
  • Bespoke Air Handling Units with belt drive centrifugal fans

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