Heat Recovery

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Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery

Energy efficiency has never been a more pressing concern – for all of us. Elta Group’s brands and businesses manufacture and supply a complete range of heat recovery units, from domestic single-room products and centralised high efficiency whole-house solutions that incorporate EC drive technology, to customised units for commercial office projects, and even systems for specialist agricultural applications.

To work efficiently a heat recovery system must be suited to its environment. Every heat recovery unit from an Elta Group business is built using the heat recovery exchangers that are most effective for the particular application, maximising the efficiency of the system by recovering the most waste heat possible from the extract ventilation.

Types of Heat Recovery

  • Bespoke Heat Recovery Units with thermal wheels
  • Bespoke Heat Recovery Units with counterflow plate heat exchangers
  • Energy Recovery Units with counterflow plate heat exchangers
  • Residential MVHR units

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