A New Chapter

Elta Group is now more international in its focus, as well as geographical coverage, than it was 25 years ago and to better represent this, the decision was taken to completely rebrand the company. The rebrand is a great opportunity for us to reinforce our values and refresh our identity ready for the next chapter in our story.

Updating the Logo

Original Elta Group Logo
Original Logo
Primary Logo
New Primary Logo
2016 - Present
Secondary Logo
New Secondary Logo
2016 - Present

Logo Development

Elta Group Rebrand

The brief of the new logo was to create something up-to-date and forward thinking that would capture the essence of what the group is developing. Elta Group has expanded and developed across international markets over the last 25 years, and it was essential that the new logo represented this to our people. In order to do so, a whole new identity and colour palette had to be created to give a strong perception of the group.

Evolving the Elta Group Identity

Rebranding Document

Elta Group will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in April 2016, making it a good time to reflect on the last 20 years and see how far the company has come from formation to present day. Download our evolving the Elta Group identity document to find out more about our rebrand.