BladeTec Fans Cause A Stir In The NT


The Northern Territory building industry has been given a boost with a new office and Skills Centre for the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Located in the new Berrimah Corporate Park, the new building includes administration offices, a workshop and training room.

HIA Regional Director NT Robert Harding, said the centre was built to cater for the needs of the construction industry and training of young apprentices in the Northern Territory, one of the fastest growing economies in the country. “This provides state-of-the-art facility for education of members of the construction industry so they can complete Certificate 4 in Building, which is a necessary requirement to obtain a builders’ licence,” he said. “Training started in July immediately after the opening of the centre and we are now in our second term of Certificate 4. We have also commenced our first vocational training course in concrete and blockwork.”

As the official body of Australia’s home building industry, HIA had made sure their new centre showcased quality products and workmanship. Fantech’s Darwin office supplied mechanical contractor AAMS with three BladeTec High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans for the HIA centre through reseller Stuart Heinemann of Air Diffusion Agencies. “Ceiling fans were specified for the workshop and training room, which are large open spaces with high ceilings to allow for small machinery and other equipment to be used. We offered the BladeTec units as a cost effective, efficient and quiet alternative to the standard air movement units in the (HVLS) market, and the customer could see the obvious benefits,” Stuart said. BladeTec HVLS fans move a large volume of air efficiently and quietly, so they do not disrupt the lessons. Each BladeTec fan has three aluminium blades which have a unique contour and twist design for maximum air movement and low noise.

The air movement helps create a feeling of freshness that results in a more productive and comfortable environment for occupants. “Safety was also a concern in the workshop where there is movement of people and machinery. The high mounting position of BladeTec fans and the absence of power cords or extension leads made them an ideal choice with minimal safety risk,” he said. .