tone of voice
Tone of Voice

When writing on behalf of Elta Group, you should always use a formal, corporate tone. Colloquial or offensive language should not be used. The tone of voice of the group should be consistent and remain corporate and formal at all times. When addressing someone on behalf of the company you should always be respectful and polite. If you come across an exchange/content that is harmful to the company, report it but do not engage with it online or in private. If you are responsible for creating/posting content on behalf of Elta Group, this content should never be offensive, discriminatory or have the potential to reflect negatively on the company. You should always have permission to use/post the content and copyright and reference laws should be adhered to at all times.

tone of voice

The correct use of the company name is “Elta Group” not “The Elta Group” or “ELTA Group”. It is acceptable to use “The group” but as a description only, not as the name of the company. Use direct speech and be concise e.g. “You can see our latest news here” rather than “All of our news can be seen by clicking this button”. Use the present tense and active verbs over past tense and passive verbs: “We are always looking for innovative solutions” rather than “We have always looked for innovative solutions”. Be consistent with all grammar i.e. bullet points should all have full stops at the end or none. Be consistent with use of verbs, e.g. do not mix “click here”, “press here” and “select here”. Lead with the purpose not the instruction: “For diagram A, see page 4” rather than “Turn to page 4 for diagram A”.

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