Elta Residential Fan Unit Achieves Top Test Results


One of the central products in Elta’s new residential range of ventilation products has achieved exceptional performance results under independent, third party testing by the BRE (Building Research Establishment).

In the tests conducted by BRE, the MORI dMEV unit outperformed anything currently available on the market. In the analysis of the unit’s performance with both rigid ducting and flexible ducting, an SFP (Specific Fan Power) rating of 0.09 W/(L/s). was achieved in both cases at an air flow of 13 L/s measured through the wall. When the same air flow rate was generated in the room, the SFP rating rose to just 0.13 W/(L/s). Alan Macklin, Technical Director of the Elta Group is delighted at the results, He said – “We have a lot of knowledge developed over many years of supplying ventilation solutions for a wide range of applications and we have brought this experience to bear in this new product range.

We were confident that the unit would perform well but it is very satisfying that the performance values we achieved in our own in-house tests have now been independently verified by one of the world’s most respected third party testing facilities. HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems have a vital role to play in ensuring effective indoor air quality as we come to better understand the potential impact of pollutants on health. But it is also about operating costs and energy efficiency as we seek to achieve a more sustainable approach to the built environment.

Seeing just how energy efficient the new MORI dMEV is proving to be, while also helping to achieve a comfortable and healthy environment, is very encouraging and is an approach we are adopting throughout our new residential range.” The MORI dMEV is one of several new products recently launched.