Imagery for Elta Group is imperative to the messaging and visual impact for the user. It gives a personality and a higher connection to the meaning of the text and enables to user to see deeper into from a particular location, method of manufacturing or company history. Imagery will be diverse and engaging, it should be one of the first thing the user sees and accompany the mains headings on a page. Meaningful and true photography is key to showing the essence of family in Elta Group; locations, companies and employees.


Showing the background of the company and its founder is important to Elta Group. Images associated with the history should be in black and white as shown here.


Location images are used to represent the cities of our group comapnies. We have a lot of our own photography for this but stock photography can be used if required.

Product & Machinery
Product & Machinery

Any product images shown in Elta Group literature should be full colour, high resolution and cropped to feature the detial of the product.

Text Overlay
Text Overlay

Some imagery will have poor contrast with the typography colours which could mean the text is not legible over the image. This is resolved by using a subtle dark translucent gradient over the image. The gradient starts on the image in the same direction as the text, (in this case, from the bottom) and has greater transparency as it rises.

Unacceptable Use

Imagery is of great importance within the visual identity and it should at no point deviat away from the specific guidelines put in place. Images must always have permission to be used and must be of high quality before published online.

  1. Do not use low quality or low resolution imagery, resulting in pixelation.
  2. Do not use imagery that you do not have permission to use.
  3. Do not use location imagery in a location whereby Elta Group does not represent.
  4. Do not angle imagery.
  5. Do not not stretch or distort images.
  6. Do not use stock photography other than for Group company locations.
  7. Do not use offensive imagery in any way, shape or form.

Moving Image

Elta Group Regions

Moving image is an element which is purely for visual effect and is to be used subtly throughout digital mediums. Examples of moving image used for Elta Group are the locational still short films with text overlay. Stills are used to capture the scene of that location and give the user a three dimensional idea that locations. Moving image files should be low file size and should take on the same parameters and guidelines and images. Most moving images should average around 10 seconds in length, should loop, and where featured on sliders, should match the transition time.

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