Independent Tests Prove Mori DMEV’s Low Running Costs And Carbon Savings


The innovative Mori dMEV decentralised mechanical extract ventilation unit takes centre stage on stand N5172 at Ecobuild 2015, as Elta Fans’ presents impressive independent test results from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) that highlight the unit’s low running costs, carbon footprint savings and multi application functionality.

One of the striking facts to come out of the testing is that the Mori dMEV has an annual running cost of less than £1 per year in kitchens and just £0.75 in bathroom/utility areas. Power consumption for continually running the Mori dMEV equates to just a third of the energy of an 18W low energy light bulb in use four hours a day. The unit also has exceptionally low noise levels that make it quieter than a ticking watch (typically 13 dB(A) for bathroom/utility. The product brings, to house builders, housing authorities and social landlords, unprecedented efficiency.

Each Mori dMEV also saves 1.96 kg per year of CO2 compared to the next best unit on the market. Shortlisted for the H&V News ‘Domestic H&V Product of the Year – Sustainability and Safety’ award, the Mori dMEV constant volume unit is designed for System 3 ventilation in new build or refurbishment for social housing, and private housing applications. Elta Fans also contends that its latest Mori dMEV is 62% more efficient than the dMEV which won the H&V Award two years ago. During two years of intensive and stringent design and product testing, started in February 2012, the Mori dMEV has been meticulously developed by Elta Fans. For the impeller alone, more than 35 3D models were created, 19 of which became prototypes with the most recent of these becoming the unique ‘BLADELET’ impeller.

The result is a product which has the lowest SFP (0.09 W/(L/s)) and provides the lowest running costs of any dMEV to date. Elta Fans Residential Division, is part of the Elta Group – a family of businesses with operations in seven countries on four continents – the 2015 Ecobuild exhibition is an important opportunity to demonstrate the value of the Mori dMEV for the housing sector and, in particular in social housing. Elta Group Building Services Head of Sales, Mathew Axford said: “Our company is committed to providing exceptional indoor air quality in the most cost effective way for the health of the nation. “Our focus at Ecobuild is to engage with social landlords and building companies to expand our message of being the ‘Home of Ventilation’ offering market leading, innovative products,” explained Matthew Axford. Other features of the Mori dMEV include: Low energy, highly efficient EC motor with onboard electronics, Operates up to 50°C, TMP safety tested of domestic fans to IEC 60335-1 AND 60335-2, Low energy, 2.5W EC motor with inbuilt constant volume control. Compliant with ISO/IEC 17025, 3 year warranty and many more. .