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Hasman - Liverpool, England


Elta Fans Building Services, a pioneering manufacturer of air handling and heat recovery units for the building services market, have recently installed Air Design energy recovery ventilation at Hasman’s first dedicated training centre in the UK.

Hasman are a duct cleaning specialist who have recently relocated to Liverpool, their long-term aim was to lead from the front when it came to ventilation best practice and the company identified the need to improve air quality and recover heat in order to ensure a comfortable environment for its growing workforce. For Jack Green, Managing Director of Hasman, the installation of ventilation would serve two purposes; “improve the working environment for staff, but also demonstrate best practice to students at the training centre.”

Marcus Sawkins from Scubair recommended the use of Air Design PREMA330 Heat Recovery Unit, he says: “For Hasman there was a clear need to reuse waste heat to reduce energy consumption, as well as to improve air quality. From my conversations with Melissa Goodman at Elta Fans Building Services; I’d been made aware of a new heat recovery offering, which had been specifically designed to boost indoor air quality in line with the latest standards and requirements, including the Ecodesign Directive and Part L of the Building Regulations.”

Marcus continues: “The Air Design PREMA heat recovery unit works through a crossover that allows the filtered fresh air coming in to be treated by the hot air from the office via temperature transfer. It’s free heating essentially, as you’ve already spent your money on warming the air in the first place. The large surface area of the PREMA unit’s counterflow heat exchanger results in 92% efficient thermal energy recovery. As a result, the energy savings are considerable, particularly for Hasman where there is a reliance on portable electric heaters.”

The PREMA330 Heat Recovery Unit has primarily been installed to serve the existing office space as well as, expanded rear offices and the front reception area. Working with Scubair and Elta Fans Building Services, Hasman is also looking to add to the ventilation system with the introduction of a further PREMA330 Heat Recovery fan to serve the hallway and toilets as well as an air conditioning unit that will provide heating and cooling for the whole of the office.