Ventilation Sock System Launched By Hydor


Hydor’s new Ventilation Sock System (HVSS), which supplies fresh air to all parts of a livestock building has been unveiled.

The first application of the Ventilation Sock System HVSS, on a 17 hectare dairy farm with 470 cows and 500 calves in the South West of England, provided Hydor with some exceptional performance data.

The system was installed to help tackle issues with pneumonia in the dairy herd which were culminating in nearly £6,000 per month in vet and vaccination bills.

Following the installation and commissioning of the HVSS, the farmer has reported he had no further need to vaccinate his animals against the disease.

Three systems have also been installed at a Ty Hen farm in Anglesey, offering equally as impressive results. The Hydor Ventilation Sock System, which incorporates a sock hung from a catenary wire along the length of the shed, provides positive and even fresh air movement to dilute foul air. Through its fresh air jets the system is fully effective regardless of outside weather conditions.

Other key benefits offered include; drier beds for the animals, low running costs and variable ventilation rates.

Good ventilation overcomes the problems of dust, cobwebs, condensation, humidity and ‘damp beds’ (conditions which are a precursor to pneumonia and other health problems). A lack of adequate ventilation also leads to a build up of ammonia and microorganisms.

Announcing the launch of HVSS, Hydor General Manager, John Lack said: “We are excited about the potential for our ventilation sock system.

“The feedback we are getting from trials and early installations, has proved that our confidence in the HVSS is well founded. Pneumonia and other animal diseases are causing a lot of concern among livestock farmers and our cost effective solution is starting to generate a lot of interest,” explained Mr Lack.

For more information on the HVSS along with Hydor’s full range of building equipment please visit the new website