Celebrating 50 Years of Fantech


Fantech have been an industry leader in fans and acoustic technology since being founded in 1973, and this year we celebrate the momentous occasion of their 50th anniversary.

Driven by passion, and commitment to air quality, Fantech’s superior products and service have made it Australia’s foremost ventilation business. We owe much of the success of Fantech to its founders, Jack Pirie and Glenn Harries, who formed a formidable partnership and built on their dream to make it a reality.

Jack and Glenn established their company in Melbourne in 1973, whilst back in the UK, Ray Stokes and Ray Ball were busy building the foundations for their own venture. Both companies were growing at outstanding rates across the world from each other and it wasn’t long before Jack visited a trade exhibition in the UK and crossed paths with Ray Stokes and Ray Ball.

Soon after, Ray Stokes and Ray Ball took a trip to Australia to visit the Fantech offices where a strong relationship was formed between the UK and Australia. Once Elta Group was born a few years later, it was clear that there was room for this relationship to grow, and the group acquired Fantech in 1997.

After being acquired by Elta Group 26 years ago, Fantech has grown from the roots it was born, and we’re proud to be a part of their history. As a group, our purpose is clear and well defined- to enhance life through air, which is exactly what we’ll continue to strive for, with Fantech being a huge part of that.

Built on the strong foundations that were set out all those years ago by Jack and Glenn, we endeavour to keep their legacy going and continue to embrace their values throughout the business, and now the group.

Today we celebrate 50 years of Fantech and are bursting with pride at what we’ve achieved so far. On to the next 50…

“Fantech has had a strong influence on shaping Elta Group’s purpose, values and in developing the culture of the Group in which we operate.

As a Group, our purpose is clear and well defined; ELTA stands for Enhancing Life Through Air, whether the life of buildings, humans, animals or equipment. Whether Building Services, OEM, Agriculture or International markets.

Our products are dedicated around our customers’ needs and fulfilling this purpose, a purpose for many years ahead. A purpose with real focus on contributing to our beloved environment.

Thank you to the founders for their vision and legacy.

Thank you to our customers and suppliers in continuing that legacy.

And of course, thank you to our people across Australasia who deliver each and every day to make this company what it is today.”

-David Ball, Group Chairman