Elta Group Expands Noise-Control Offering


We are proud to announce that Elta Group has expanded its global portfolio of noise control products and solutions, with the acquisition of the business and technology of UK-based acoustics specialist, Acoustica.

Adding to our comprehensive range of acoustic solutions, Acoustica is a specialist engineering company involved in the control of industrial and environmental noise and vibration. By positioning the brand alongside our existing noise control and acoustics capabilities, we will benefit from an enhanced knowledge and experience of highly effective noise control solutions.

This acquisition is representative of our overarching aim to combine the best of our air movement and ventilation products with modern noise control techniques for an ever-growing spectrum of markets across the globe. Our latest expansion will enable us to bring even greater innovation to our products – both for existing markets and those we are yet to enter.

To find out more about acoustic solutions, visit Acoustica’s website.