Idealair Group Shortlisted for H&V News Awards 2017


Idealair group is proud to announce that its Intelligent Demand Control Diffuser has been shortlisted in the Air Movement Product of the Year Category, in the H&V News Awards 2017.

The Intelligent Demand Control Diffuser adjusts ventilation levels according to demand by measuring CO2 levels and adapting to suit occupancy patterns. It has been aerodynamically designed to provide optimum ventilation effectiveness, as well as being easy to install and commission.

With no other method available on the UK market that offers such a fine-tuned automatic ventilation control, the solution also stands out through not being limited by building size or layout. The diffuser works in a constant pressure control system incorporating technology from other brands within the group including the DCV fans from Elta Fans and Air Handling Units from Air Design. Ultimately, it encourages the use of low pressure systems, further optimising energy usage and lowering building energy consumption.

Michael Hilton, Associate Product Manager at Elta Group, said: “In the UK there is a growing awareness of indoor air quality, occupant wellbeing and energy efficiency. This presented us with a real opportunity to repurpose an existing product within our portfolio to deliver significant advantages to designers, installers, building owners and occupants. It is fantastic that all the hard work by teams across the world has been reflected through idealair group’s shortlisting in this year’s H&V News Awards.

“In the UK, Elta Group has invested heavily in new product development resources and the recruitment of a new product management team. The Intelligent Demand Control Diffuser was one of the first products to go through this process and has proved a huge success.”

Now in its 23rd year, the Heating & Ventilation (H&V) News Awards are an annual celebration of excellence, forward thinking and the highest achievements across the building services industry. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London on Thursday 20th April 2017.