Elta Group – Supporting Clean Air Day 2019


Air pollution impacts us all, from our first breath until our last. Clean Air Day is a chance to find out more about air pollution, share information and help to make the air clearer and healthier for everyone.

Air quality is the largest environmental health risk in the UK – it shortens lives and contributes to chronic illness, it contributes to climate change, reduces crop yields and pollutes oceans.

At Elta Group, this is a cause close to our heart. We know that we play a major role in protecting and sustaining the health of the natural environment and the people within it, and take this responsibility very seriously. Across all of our people, in all of our businesses, on all continents on which we operate, we have one purpose: to enhance life through air.

This is not just a one day event for us – it’s our life.

Throughout our organisation we regularly review our impact on air quality and work to make positive changes to how we operate.
For example, we keep as much of our manufacturing in the UK as possible, reducing emissions from transport.
We have reviewed our purchasing policy to optimise batch orders, reducing the number of deliveries we receive.
We’ve created a new business travel policy, to encourage employees to consider whether their journey is necessary, and if it is essential to travel, how to reduce their emissions.

We are acutely aware of our wider responsibility as an air movement and ventilation expert, and we embody the principles of clean air day in everything we do. From the design of our products, our installations, our advice and support, to our business operations, our focus is always to enhance life through air.

Find out more about Clean Air Day 2019 by clicking here.