Elta Group Announces UK Partnership with Award-Winning Air Monitoring Pioneer, Airthings


Commercial ventilation specifiers and contractors will now be able to access pioneering air monitoring solutions through our partnership with Airthings.

As a recent report from the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC) highlighted[1], many of the UK’s buildings are not being operated according to current air quality standards.

This collaboration between Elta Group and Airthings will enable more facility managers, building owners, tenants, and business operators to remotely monitor and report on the indoor air quality within the building they occupy. If poor air quality is identified, this information can then be used to develop new strategies that can change the ventilation rate to create an environment that is healthier and safer to be in.

Airthings for Business solution includes three different monitors that allow the user to build a system that best suits the building occupants’ needs. Monitors can measure the level of radon, CO2, relative humidity, PM2.5 and more, and send all data via a central hub to the cloud, after which a detailed and highly informative dashboard is created. Airthings is a brand recognised for its innovation and ingenuity, as highlighted in its many awards including TIME’s Best Inventions 2019, and featured in Forbes, USA Today, The Times, Metro and many more.

The partnership feeds into our wider strategy of ‘Enhancing Life Through Air’ to provide an advisory role in the monitoring of air quality and consequent ventilation strategies. Leading by example, Elta Fans recently received one of the UK’s first RESET certifications at its head office in the Midlands. By achieving the new accreditation, the ventilation company decreased its peak CO2 levels by 33%.

Mark Rickard, CEO said: “The collaboration of Elta Group and Airthings highlights common goals that exist between our two solutions-focused organisations. We both share an entrepreneurial spirit and have a clear vision of meeting market needs by improving indoor air quality. Our highly trained teams also share a common ambition, of delivering innovative and exceptionally engineered products that enhance life through air. Together our relentless drive to discover new technologies has led to the development of intuitive products that seamlessly integrate within a building.

“I see great synergies between our two organisations through our commitment to innovation and our focus on developing easy-to-use technologies that help create healthier indoor air quality. By collaborating and working together, our combined experience will help provide better outcomes for the customer and the environment also.”

Airthings for Business will be available via Elta Fans in the UK and Fantech in Australia.